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St Austell Brewery / Glastonbury Festival

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" We knew it would be busy but had no idea just how busy. There was a fantastic reaction to the bar, with some people enjoying a little touch of home in the middle of the festival, and others tried our beers for the first time. Thank you Leap for bringing our ideas to life!"

Jeremy Mitchell- Marketing Manager

A taste of Cornish pub life returned to the heart of Glastonbury Festival in 2010 with St Austell Brewery's hugely popular pub, The Cornish Arms- the only bar at the festival serving cooled cask ale, on average selling a staggering 30,000 pints!

The St Austell Brewery has been a client of Leaps since 2006, we creatively manage 25 of the brewery's pubs, 9 hotels and last summer  we created a bar experience for their first festival appearence at Glastonbury. We were thrilled to be presented with the challenge of a 'Shipwrecked' theme- complete with flying fish, blue lightning and a mystical, underwater feel. We designed the interior of the tent to incoporate Cornish legends such as 'Jack the giant killer', 'The mermaid of Zennor' and 'The mousehole cat', to name a few. The playful illustrations completed the design for the banners, table tops and marketing material, bringing a modern twist to ancient Cornish folktale.

The old map of Cornwall, showing all the brewery's pubs, gave a central point where customers could check in and download their new brewery smartphone app, which is packed full of local know-how.


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