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Hello, Leap will ‘finally’ be re-launching our new website Autumn 2015, in the meantime here's a small sample of what we do. See more up to date happenings on our Facebook page and blog.

Shelterbox / Disaster Relief

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"It was great to have the opportunity for two Cornish organisations to collaborate in developing a world- renowned brand and we are incredibly grateful to Leap for their creativity and vision. I now understand the power of Brand!"



Tom Henderson - Founder

Shelterbox package and deliver ten-man survival kits in their highly recognisable green boxes, to sites of humanitarian disaster all over the world. they also train volunteers to become part fo their Shelterbox Relief team with their gruelling nine-day training courses.

Shelterbox approached us in 2008 to undertake a complete review of their logo and branding requirements. At this stage Shelterbox was evolving into a major player on the world stage and needed an image that reflected this growth and would provide a basis for long-term brand recognition.

The images to the left show the end result of the 18 month re-brand, including a multi-national website with a cleaner design and emphasis on recent successful deployments, making it easier for visitors to donate and volunteer their time. The website was translated into 12 different languages and it was voted as one of the 'Most Useable Charity Websites in the World' by Smashing Magazine 2010.

The design and print of their vehicle fleet, brochure, posters & stationery were all part of the re-brand process. A clear design that highlights communication, a modern logo, consistent typography, colour scheme and design language - all these things facilitates brand recognition.

The re-brand has raised their profile worldwide with thousands of new visitors per month to the website and a donation income increase from £2,532 million in 2007 to £15,879 million in 2011.


Creating a memorable brand has been key to engaging world-wide audiences to support Shelterbox, through donations, volunteering and field support, in delivering aid to hundreds of thousands of families who have lost everything after a disaster.

To donate now, go to shelterbox.org









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