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Hello, Leap will ‘finally’ be re-launching our new website Autumn 2015, in the meantime here's a small sample of what we do. See more up to date happenings on our Facebook page and blog.

January 14th 2015

Web Design Trends To Look Out This Year

Design Trends For 2015 Responsive Design

We’re almost half the way through January already! Which means a large majority of you have probably already given up on your new years resolution and are back to your old habits. Here at Leap we’ve been looking at the web design habits and trends to be expected for the new year. So here are 10 Web Design trends to look out for and use to improve your site in 2015:... Read More

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November 11th 2014

Debbie Phillips – Leap Intern, Autumn 2014

I’ve had a great three months at Leap, it was my first internship after finishing university and what a place to start.... Read More

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October 15th 2014

Consumer Behaviour & Sustainability Article

“Eco fashion expert, Marci Zaroff, explained that sustainability speaks to the heart as it plays on “a connection for the greater good”. However, people use their heads to make purchases and consider factors such as style and quality, so these must be met first.”... Read More

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September 30th 2014

Advertising Industry May Take The Lead On Sustainability

Here at Leap we try and keep as Carbon Neutral as possible, so hearing that the advertising industry may soon take the lead in sustainability sparked our interested. The Guardian’s article covers six ways that the Advertising Industry can improve their sustainability starting with ‘Getting its act together’ and simply ending in ‘Seizing the moment’. The article also suggests that younger people in general are more aware of the need for action when it comes to sustainability and the idea of being more demanding of their employers and workplaces when it comes to having at least some ‘purpose beyond profit’ in their professional lives.... Read More

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September 28th 2014

Animals, Divine Beings & The Supernatural File For Copyright?

Monkey Selfie

After spending some of our down-time searching the web we came across this interesting post from Austin Kleon. His blog post spoke about the new updated U.S Copyright laws that now state content created by animals, gods or ghosts can’t be filed for copyright. This all came about after a debate about whether a monkeys ‘selfie’ could be copyrighted.... Read More

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September 26th 2014

Leap lunch at The Bay

Leap lunch at the Bay

A rare outing for the whole team yesterday with a sunny lunch at our client Sam’s at The Bay fantastic beach side eatery and venue.... Read More

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September 4th 2014

Emily Cooke – Leap Intern, Summer 2014

Emily Leap Intern... Read More

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July 21st 2014

Urban Eco Farming in London

We are always on the lookout for any awesome goings on in the world and when we find some that align with our eco ethos – well, we just have to share it…... Read More

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April 10th 2014

Internet Security – Heartbleed

Hi there, I wanted to let you know about an exploit that was recently discovered in SSL certificates. For those that don’t know SSL certificates are used to encrypt traffic across the internet making things safe for security conscious and e-commerce websites. When you see the padlock or green bar in a web browser then you know you are on a secure website, well that used to be the case.... Read More

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March 26th 2014

Daydream, observe everything, seek out new experiences…

Some of the 18 things highly creative people do differently …do you agree?... Read More

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