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Hello, Leap will be re-launching our new website later this year, in the meantime here's a small sample of what we do. See more up to date happenings on our Facebook page and blog.

February 14th 2014

Freelance Web / UX Designer wanted

Leap are currently looking for a freelance Web / UX Designer to assist on an exciting new community based web project.... Read More

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January 31st 2014

What is HAPPY for you?

Happy... Read More

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January 20th 2014

Domain changes that affect you

International Domain names (.com, .net, .org, .info, etc) are governed by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and they have made some changes to the domain registration agreement that anyone who owns a domain has signed. This would be the terms and conditions like document that you will more than likely have ignored and skipped through just to click accept.... Read More

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December 20th 2013


  fent-13fent-12fent-11fent-10fent-9fent-8fent-7fent-6fent-5fent-4fent-3fent-2fent-1“We commissioned Leap at the beginning of this year as we were looking for a refresh of the Fentongollan brand; their collaborative approach has made us feel like we have a true creative partner and has given us the flexibility we need as a business. They have immersed themselves in understanding our business and thus have started evolving our brand to match. All the marketing collateral they have produced for us this year, has not only looked fantastic but has been delivered on time and on budget; whilst working with them has been completely stress free, which is no mean feat on some of our larger product catalogues. This has also resulted in an increase of sales by 20% across all departments, so far. We are really excited about the coming year, the continued evolution of our brand and starting to look at a new website. We would recommend working with Leap to anyone; they are one of the team now.”... Read More

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December 18th 2013

Posh Pasty Co

posh-pasty-cornwall1 post-pasty-cornwall2 post-pasty-cornwall3 post-pasty-cornwall4 post-pasty-cornwall5 post-pasty-cornwall6 post-pasty-cornwall7 post-pasty-cornwall8 post-pasty-cornwall9 post-pasty-cornwall10 post-pasty-cornwall11... Read More

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December 13th 2013

Sam’s of Cornwall

sams1... Read More

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November 29th 2013

Louise Kelly – Leap Intern Autumn 2013

Louise in the snow

Louise going hard in the snow! Having just spent 3 months working hard as a Design Intern at Leap.
... Read More

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November 22nd 2013

We’re looking for local Design Graduates to join our team

We are looking for a new intern to join our team here at Leap, from now until March. Whilst we can’t promise it will be easy, we can promise that you will learn lots and have great fun in the process.... Read More

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November 22nd 2013

Another new team member at Leap!

We’d like to take the opportunity to introduce our new web development apprentice, Corey Maslen who joins us after studying media and photography at Liskeard College.... Read More

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November 6th 2013

Times are changing.

In Almost Every European Country, Bikes Are Outselling New Cars


We know that Europeans love their bicycles — thinkAmsterdam or Paris. Denmark even has highways specifically for cyclists.

Indeed, earlier this month, NPR’s Lauren Frayer reported that Spain, which has long had a love affair with cars, is embracing the bicycle: For the first time on record, Lauren noted, bicycles outsold cars in the country.

But it’s becoming a Continent-wide phenomenon. More bikes were sold in Italy than cars — for the first time since World War II.

This prompted us to look at the figures across the 27 member states of the European Union for both cars and bicycles. New-car registrations for Cyprus and Malta weren’t available, so we took them out of the comparison.



Here’s what we found: Bicycle sales outpaced new-car sales last year in every one of those countries, except Belgium and Luxembourg. The top five countries by bicycle sales can be seen in the top chart.

We decided to delve a little deeper into the figures and see which of these countries had the highest rates of bicycle-to-car ownership. Those states can be seen in the second chart.



So, what explains the numbers?

Parts of the data can be explained by the slump in car sales across Europe. Car sales reached a 20-year low earlier this year. More recent figures showed they were recovering.

This decline coincided with the worldwide recession, which hit European economies particularly hard, though there are signs they may be recovering).

The U.S. has fared much better. Last month, car sales jumped to pre-recession levels. But U.S. automakers face another problem: Millennials aren’t interested in buying cars. Bike sales, on the other hand, are solid.

Leap have a real love of cycling with 4 of our team over the last few years getting bikes via the Governments Cycle scheme. We have a our own transport policy and our plan in the future is to get a cycle shelter and bike racks installed at our new studio.

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